Michael Zirpoli loves pizza. “Why not? You ask anyone: if you had to eat one thing every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? The answer is always pizza." He owns Michael’s Pizzeria, which has recently relocated from Hillsboro Boulevard to the Cove.

Michael, originally from New York, came by his love of food naturally. “It’s a side effect of growing up Italian. Growing up I worked in the Italian feast in Brooklyn with my family at a very young age and I loved it, although I was working long days and nights in the summer while most kids were enjoying their summer I was having; fun serving people and watching them have a great time. It was a great feeling." Michaels Pizzeria offers up to over 14 types of pizza a day, everything from chicken to eggplant parmesan. All of them are made with the freshest ingredients. “All our toppings are cut or made fresh every day and we use the finest tomatoes from California and the highest quality cheese on our pizzas. Our sauce and meatballs are made fresh in-house. We prepare our chicken cutlets fresh and pan fry to perfection." His dedication to fresh ingredients is visible in the pizzas in the case – they are vividly fresh and taste as good as they smell. The most popular is the Grandma Pizza with mozzarella, filetto, Pomodoro, tomatoes, and fresh garlic, topped with fresh cut basil, and the Sicilian pizza which is hand stretched and left to rise for hours to create a light and airy dough that is crispy on the bottom. His pizza maker Vincenzo “Mafia" Granada is straight from Sicily and has been making pizzas for 30 years.

He opened up the Pizzeria on Hillsboro three years ago. “I was working in another field for a few years, and I wanted to get back into the food business. When I saw the space available I knew it was a great place to create a neighborhood pizzeria." The Hillsboro space worked out really well. He developed a loyal local following and soon outgrew the space. He waited a few months before moving into the Cove. “I wanted to stay very close. I love Deerfield – the people here are very supportive and more importantly loyal! This space is bigger and still near the beach. It’s exactly what I was looking for."

The new shop, which feels like a quality pizzeria in New York City, is at the northeast corner of the Cove, on the left as you drive toward the Intracoastal. It features inside and outside seating. In addition to pizza, they also otter subs, salads, house-marinated chicken wings, and several different pasta dishes. Beer and wine are available. as well as canned soda. Michael’s Pizzeria delivers within a 5-mile radius and offers a Super Tuesday large pizza special for $8.

“We want to give our customers the opportunity to check out the new plate. We’re very proud of it. Stop on by and take an Italian home today."

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